Offset parabolic antennas / planar antennas
 Feeding system
  Digital Receivers
 Sat-IF distribution system / Multi-switches
  Mounting accessories
 Cables, plugs, transitions
 Terrestrial antennas
  UFO®compact signal processing system
 Accessories for the distribution network
 Signal meters
MSK 115 21710020 Sat meter; frequency range: 950-2150 MHz; Signal level, constellation, spectrum, BER, digital sat. signals; battery; charger psu
MSK 125 21710022   Signal meter Sat/TV/FM; TFT colour screen 5,7"; spectrum display; BER/MER measurement; level measurement of analogue and digital signals
MSK 200/S2 21710024 Signal meter SAT/TV/FM; TFT display 10,4"; Meas. system: Spectrum/Level, Constellation/BER/MER, Memory oscilloscope, MPEG + DiSEqC monitor
MSK 200/S2 21710025 Signal meter Sat/TV/FM; analogue/digital antenna measurement system; TFT display 10,4"; touch screen; spectrum, const. analysis; oscilloscope
MZS 200 21710021   Remote Software for MSK 200; allows the control of a MSK 200 from a PC
MZV 10 21710011 Pre-amplifier/filter for MSK 33; Frequency range: 109-1000 MHz; gain: 19 dB; to enhance weak DVB-T signals